Really, it's not "About me" at all...  It's about you the buyer or seller.  I HATE when a salesperson (no matter what they are selling me) talks about how great they are and why they are the best at whatever it is they sell (whatever, right?)...  I do invite you to ask me for a referral list of my past clients and let them tell you about their experience with me and my partner and team mates.  I work full time and have received my Associate Broker license as well as GRI designation.  Real Estate is a full time job and it is always changing, so I work to continually improve myself through education, reading and listening to anything related to real estate. 

I primarily work with a partner, Debbie Wages, another full time realtor.  This is a tough business to handle alone and there are so many things that need to be done "behind the scenes" that I find it much easier to put systems in place with her.  Some of her strengths are my weaknesses and vice-versa.   It works pretty darned well!  I also use several professionals to provide the best I can to clients including a professional photographer (HUGE!), professional stager, and a myriad of vendors who help with installing new carpet, granite, tile, paint, etc...  at really great prices.  It almost takes a village to sell a house anymore! 

I am married to Eric Lawler with 2 children, Corey and Jessica.  Native of North Georgia, I grew up in sunny San Diego and moved to Braselton, GA in my early teens.  I graduated from UGA (GOOOOOOOO DAWGS!) where I earned my BBA and majored in Marketing.

I currently live in Cumming, GA and list and sell in Forsyth Co. as well as portions of North Fulton, Gwinnett, and Hall Counties.